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Barcelona is a throbbing, vibrant city and Barcelona events are adding some additional attractions for the visitors in the city. These events are perfect amalgamation of Barcelona major events as well as special events in Barcelona. is providing here tentative list of such events which will definitely help you to plan the trip to Barcelona.

  1. Alimentaria is a food and catering exhibition. Its date is 10-14 March 2008.
  2. Auto Retro is the professional and amateur vehicle collector show. Its date is 4-8 December 2008.
  3. Barcelona Bridal Week is bridal fashion show and exhibition. Its date is 30th May to 1st June 2008.
  4. BNF is international business and franchise exhibition. Date for the show is 3-5 April 2008.
  5. ESTUDIA is a teaching fair. Date for this event is 2-6 April.
  6. Expoaviga is international livestock technology exhibition. Date for this event is 15-18th April.
  7. Festival De La Infancia is the children and youth festival. Date for this special event is 27 December 2007 to 4th January 2008.
  8. Hostelco is a restaurant, hotel and community exhibition. Date for this event is 17-20th October 2008.
  9. MOTOH is a great motorcycle week. Date for this special show is 8-11th may 2008.
  10.  SALÓ DEL LLIBRE is a book fair. Its date is 18-23rd November 2008.
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