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Barcelona is the second largest in Spain and the capital of the autonomous community of Catalonia. Barcelona history is approximately 2000 years old. Romantic historians proposed two versions of the foundation of Barcelona. It has been said that it was founded by the Carthaginians and its name was derived from the great Barca family of Carthage. On the other hand few historians give attribute to Hercules for the foundation of the Barcelona city. Romans and Visigoths period are known as the golden period for the history of Barcelona.

The shortened version of the name Barcino was formalized around the end of the reign of Caesar Augustus, the first Roman emperor. Germanic tribe’s raid started around 250 and the fortification of the city was substantially improved now. The city outgrew its fortification in the late Middle Ages as well and remained as the major religious and political centre. Western Roman Empire bore even more serious attacks at the hands of several Germanic peoples in the beginning of fifth century. Leovigildus reestablished Barcino as a provincial centre and the Visigoth capital in 573.

This medieval prosperity was abruptly cut off due to the civil war of 1462. This war tore apart the political, social and economic fabric of the city. The city was more or less annexed into the Castilian state. Fortunately, it was excluded from the plundering of the Americas which brought significant riches to 16th century Castile. Next major fall in Barcelona history can be seen in 1714 when catalan language was banned. A huge fort, the Ciutadella was built by the Felipe to watch over his ungrateful subjects in town.

Catalunya got permission to trade with America after 1778 and then its fortunes turned around. Industries based on wine, cork, iron and most importantly cotton was developed. Poets and writers played an important role to popularize the people’s language. Hence an explosion in Barcelona’s population can be seen from 19th century onwards.

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