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Restaurant in Barcelona can be divided into five categories named as Gourmet, Business, Trendy, Budget and Personal Recommendations. Your bill may include Spanish VAT 7%. There is a customary in upscale restaurants to leave around €3. One can say it ‘the tip’.

Barcelona food is highly inconsistent in terms of quality. Most restaurants and some bars offer menú del dia (menu of the day). During the week from 2pm to 4pm; more expensive and happening restaurants offer special lunch. Hence, savvy traveler may try the hip places for a fraction of the price during the day. Visitors must know that majority of restaurant and cafes are closed between 4pm and 8pm for siesta.

Breakfast in Barcelona is usually the least important meal of the day. People start their day with a steaming cup of cafe con leche (coffee with milk) and sometimes an extra rich hot chocolate accompanied by churros (breakfast fritters). Lunch is eaten between 2 and 4pm which is a very important meal. For a hearty lunch one can try Catalonia’s staple dish, botifarra amb mongetes, a stew of pork sausage and white beans. During Christmas time one can get opportunity to taste escudella the traditional stew made with sausage, chickpeas, pasta, and a giant pork meatball for dinner.

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